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RYE seeds for growing microgreens

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Rye microgreens grow 10-12 days.

  • Net weight 15g, 100g, 200g
  • Store seeds in a cool and dark location.
  • Seeds are suitable for both sprouting and growing shoots.

Plantos seeds are EU organic certified.


Rye sprouts ripen in 9-10 days.

Contains vitamins B, C, and E, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and phosphorus.

Positive properties: contributes to the health of the heart and blood vessels, maintaining cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Can promote bowel function, and maintain blood sugar levels.

Use of sprouts: Ryegrass shoots are not like the usual small microgreens. As they have very strong fibers, they could be added to a smoothie, for example. Ryegrass juice (which can be consumed in small amounts – a shot at a time) is a very efficient body cleanser, it removes toxins, helps speed up the metabolism, is good for the digestive and immune system, can lower cholesterol, helps with arthritis and diabetes. Caution! The juice should not be consumed in large quantities as it can cause nausea, irritate the intestines and cause headaches.

Weight N/A

15g, 100g, 200g

Kilogram prices

15g (183.30€/kg)
100g (89.50€/kg)

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