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MICROGREEN growing set Ø14cm


The kit includes:

  • The diameter of the growing pot is 14 cm, choose the color that you like
  • Pack seeds for one growing season, choose the seeds you would like to try
  • Soil for one time growing
  • A guide to growing microgreens

We have put together a growing kit for you, which includes everything you need to start growing sprouts: a growing pot, soil and seeds. An easy-to-follow instruction manual is also included.

Read further, how to grow microgreens at home.
In our store you can purchase bio soil and organic seeds for growing microgreens.

The growing pot is made of thin, high-quality plastic and is reusable. Bio soil is intended for organic farming. Seeds are EU organic sertified.

Dimensions 9 × 9 × 25 cm

beige, yellow, olive green, pink, grey, white


broccoli, pea, red cabbage, sunflower, radish 'China Rose', arugula, mustard

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