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Kõikide üle 40€ tellimuste puhul on pakiautomaadiga saatmine tasuta!

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WHEAT seeds for growing shoots

1.20 2.50  sis. KM

Wheat grass shoots have a strong grassy taste.

  • Net weight 100g, 200g, 200g
  • Store seeds in a cool and dark location.
  • Seeds are suitable for both sprouting and growing shoots.

Plantos seeds are labelled with the EU organic farming logo.


Wheat shoots (wheat grass) are ready in 10–12 days. 

They contain:Vitamins A, B1,B₂, B₃, B5, B₆, C, E, K, potassium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, are rich in fibre, and provide various amino acids, including essential amino acids.

Benefits: contributes to hematopoiesis, has a cleansing effect, supports and strengthens the immune system, removes the damage of small cells, has an anti-inflammatory effect, improves skin health, antimicrobial and antibacterial, and lowers blood pressure.

100g of wheat grass contains approximately:
60 times more vitamin C than oranges
50 times more vitamin E than spinach
30 times more vitamin B1than cow’s milk
11 times more calcium than raw milk
5 times more iron than spinach
5 times more magnesium than bananas

Instructions: Wheatgrass shoots are not like the usual small microgreens to put in your meals or just eat. As they have very strong fibres, they could be added to a smoothie, for example. Wheatgrass juice (which can be consumed in small amounts – a shot at a time) is a very efficient body cleanser, it removes toxins, helps speed up the metabolism, is good for the digestive and immune system, can lower cholesterol, and helps with arthritis and diabetes. Caution! The juice should not be consumed in large quantities as it can cause nausea, irritate the intestines and cause headaches.

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Weight 0.5 g
Dimensions 21 × 30 × 3 cm

100g, 200g

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