Kõikide üle 40€ tellimuste puhul on pakiautomaadiga saatmine tasuta!

Kõikide üle 40€ tellimuste puhul on pakiautomaadiga saatmine tasuta!

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RADISH seeds Red Vulcano for growing shoots

2.95 9.35  sis. KM

Red radish shoots have a spicy taste. Their leaves and stem are purple.

  • Net weight 15g, 100g
  • Store seeds in a cool and dark location.
  • Seeds are suitable for both sprouting and growing shoots.

Plantos seeds are labelled with the EU organic farming logo.


Radish shoots are ready in 6–8 days.

Red radish shoots contain a large amount of protein, along with vitamins A, B₁, B₂, C, E and K. Shoots contain 4 times more magnesium compared to fully grown radishes. They also contain large quantities of iron, potassium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus and zinc. Vitamin C allows for better absorption of iron and calcium. The protein content is 30–35%.

Benefits: antibacterial, antiviral, detoxifying, expectorant, digestive, blood thinning / prevents anemia, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease.

Use in: salads, sandwiches, juices, smoothies, dips or garnishing.

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How thickly should I sow the seeds? It all depends on the size of the seeds.
Sowing recommendation for radishes ~ 3g of seeds on a 10 × 10 cm (100 cm²) tray.


15g, 100g

Kilogram prices

15g (183.30€/kg)
100g (37.50€/kg)

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