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Kõikide üle 40€ tellimuste puhul on pakiautomaadiga saatmine tasuta!

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ADZUKI BEANS for sprouting

4.30 7.95  sis. KM

With a crunchy texture and nutty sweet taste.

  • Net weight 200g, 500g
  • Store beans in a cool and dark location
  • Seeds are suitable for both sprouting and growing shoots.

Plantos seeds are labelled with the EU organic farming logo.


Adzuki sprouts are ready in 8–9 days. 

They contain: Vitamins B₂, B₃, B₆ and C, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, fibre, essential amino acids and a large amount of protein.

Benefits: supports kidney and bladder functions, can lower cholesterol, blood pressure and weight, has a cleansing and cancer-preventing effect in the intestine, and is a good source of protein.

Adzuki sprouts with mung beans are among the easier sprouts to digest. They are low in fat and rich in protein. They are known as the ‘weight-loss beans’ because they are low in calories but contain a wealth of nutrients. Like most beans, adzuki beans are rich in soluble fibre, which helps them bind toxins and cholesterol when expelled from the body. With sprouting, the amount of fibre increases by 300%.

Read more about the beneficial properties of adzuki beans.


200g, 500g

Kilogram prices

200g (12.50€/kg)
500g (8.60/kg)

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